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In Streams and Streams jobs may not pick up the user enviroment from the streams user's .bashrc. This behavior is different from earlier releases. With these versions, when Streams is run as a system service, application environment variables must be set with streamtool.


Problem Description
When running Streams as a system service with Streams releases
or, toolkits and user applications that depend on the
user environment may have various errors.
For example the database toolkit might show the following error
if it does not pick up the ODBCINI environment variable:

    "An SQL operation failed. The SQL state is 08003, the SQL code
    is 0 and the SQL message is [unixODBC][Driver
    Manager]Connnection does not exist."

Problem Solution

To work around the issue, set environment variables that are needed by the application directly in the instance with:

    streamtool setproperty  -d <domain> -i <instance>
    --application-ev <VARIABLE NAME>=<VARIABLE VALUE>

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