Technote (FAQ)


With IBM FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM), we can follow the steps below to overwrite the property definition in a document class

1. Launch FEM
2. Expand the object store and document class tree. Right click on the document class and select "Properties"
3. Go to "Properties Definitions" tab, highlight the property definition and click "Edit"
4. Make the modification and click OK
5. Click OK again to save the change

How to perform the same operation with FileNet Content Engine - ACCE?


Follow the below steps to update the property definition properties on ACCE:

  1. Launch ACCE
  2. Expand the object stores folder and click the object store to open the Object store tab
  3. Expand the Data Design folder and Classes folder. Click the document class to open Document Class tab
  4. From Properties tab, open Property Definitions drop down and select the property definition you want to modify
  5. ACCE will open that property definition in a new Properties tab
  6. Modify the property definition as required
  7. Go back to the Class Definition tab and click Save